Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Not Much Posting This Week

The moving has begun, so I am not posting much this week. I am embarking on finals as well, so it will be a stressful, yet exciting week of attempting to wrap my mind around school work and then packing and hauling and back to school work again, and so on.

We are moving to a VERY rural area with limited internet, so I am concerned about that but it is so beautiful and quiet there that I can't help but be excited by the prospect. The sky is A MA ZING at night. The silence is awe inspiring as well. I am so sick of the noise of this city. The screaming kids, the sirens 24/7, the cars with their bass at all hours of the day and night, and the sounds of this house. I am most happy to be leaving them. It will feel good to finally disconnect from the disfunction here, even if it ends up disfunction up there, it will be NEW and I am ready for new. I want to use the downtime from the internet to reconnect with my creative side, and meet the people of the community. I have always wanted to live in a small community where people know one another and help one another. So, we will see how I adjust. And, Palm Springs is just a lovely down hill drive away with one of the most amazing sight-seeing pull off's off the highway at night I have ever seen. Palm Springs at night is a gorgeous gold with a black backdrop and if the moon is full it is breathtaking.

So I am hoping for less emotional spewage of a negative variety since I will not have any men interfering on my life anymore and I won't have all this pent up anger at the ex and his gf either. Glory be! I will never have to hear them fuck again! Ain't life grand?!

As scared as I am I am also as excited for the opportunity for new. New anything and new everything. I am also brushing up my camping skills for the days without electricity, hot water, heat, internet and battery recharging. Gotta be prepared to survive! As long as we don't burn in one of the many fires this area is known for I think I will manage!

I have high hope but realistic expectations. Here is to a new year and a new life. New focus and new aspirations. Maybe a good man will actually fall in love with me as well? One who won't pretend but actually feel it. We will see. If not, I will manage. I just kind of miss touch and someone to share things with...

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