Friday, November 29, 2013

And I Am Now Parentless- Figuratively

Well the move is off. I am now preparing for vehicle living. If I can stay where I am long enough to get my tax refund then I guess it'll be the vagabond life.

My generations parents are some of the worst examples of common decency, responsibility and selflessness on record. I am 0-0 with neither 'parent' having a selfless bone in their bodies. Even when one of them did do something that seems caring, there WERE ALWAYS strings attached and a lifetime of being jabbed about it basically voiding any form of care involved. If 4 of us could live in 945 sqr ft house and we still took my mom in for two years, I am pretty sure sharing a 3 bedroom home with a kitchen and livingroom the size of our entire old house wouldn't be difficult to share with your child and grandchild for a few months. Particularly if is the difference between being homeless or not. I believe that if you had in fact abandoned your own child not once, not twice, but several times during their youth to be with some piece of shit abusive prick, that you might want make amends with that and finally lend a helping hand. But no. No. This is too much to ask a person you have been there for your entire life EVEN THOUGH THEY FUCKED YOU OVER AND OVER AND OVER throughout your own. I'm 46 years old. I am done forgiving and ignoring all the cruelty of my parents selfishness. I think it is time for them of both to just get the fuck out of my life for good this time... Oh, and happy fucking holidays. It was a fucking fantastic Thanksgiving. Thanks 'Mom'.

I did get to see D though, which was great since he looked really good, even considering the shitty life circumstances. And my son got to meet one of his cousins, finally. That was great. They reminded me of one another more than once, so seeing them side by side was a treat. We did however, make a motley crew of the down and out as a group. Oh, and I got to drive from Fullerton to almost San Diego County in rain WITH NO WINDSHIELD WIPERS at 4am. THAT was FUN.

Oh yes, and let me not forget to thank F for thinking he could text me on Thanksgiving and I might actually reply. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? Feel free to join my parents Asshole. You all should start a commune for people who fucking suck it. Had I know you had a 'history' of 'bad shit' with women I never would have spoken to you in the first place. Way to be a man. \

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