Friday, November 22, 2013

F- Why You Are Not A Part of My Life Anymore.

Why You Are Not A Part of My Life Anymore.
Disrespect, a total lack of compassion for my current 'issues' and the childish attempt to inflict peer pressure on me. SERIOUSLY? WHEN have I EVER bowed down to pressure by a peer, particularly of the sort you dished out? Do you remember something I don't from the past 30+ years? I'll tell you... NEVER. If that means I am alone forever, then so be it. If you are looking for trash then you came to the wrong place. You are surrounded by exactly what you want, so why the fuck are you trying to change me into it as well??? You are a sick fuck for that. Seriously. You want what you can't have so you can destroy it. Is that what happened to the ex? I would never have believed it until last night. Now I question everything and I don't even care what the answers are because you showed me exactly what you are really made of. WTG. You are 1 of a billion other sad boys playing men.
To think I thought you might be unique. I thought you might be somewhat above the usual middle school mentality men I encounter everyday. Nope. You are just another sheep. No progression or growth or internal fortitude at all.
Later asshole.

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