Monday, November 18, 2013

Pimping Your Deity.

Today, in my spam box (LOL. That kind of sounds kinky) I saw an email from someone using Jesus' name to pimp their carpet cleaning business. I'm sorry, but I do not 'get' pimping your belief system to create false trust or confidence in you or your business that you or your business should be earning. I just don't understand how anyone feels safer using the services of people who do not value the sanctity of their beliefs. In fact, for me, I have the opposite reaction. I run from businesses and people that do this. The blatant lack of respect alone is a sign for me to just walk away... fast. It is one thing to share kindness in words or pictures, to share words of wisdom and deep thought, but to use your God or deity by name by 'connection' seems as ugly as name dropping in groups to up your own status. 

I guess my idea of faith, respect and such is just one more way I will never quite fit in with this world and it's odd ideas and actions. If it wasn't so damn lonely I'd be perfectly happy with that too!! 

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