Monday, November 11, 2013

Music. Have I Talked About Music Yet? No?

I think music is the only other thing besides anger, pain and love that universally can be related to; even animals react to it. I have an eclectic list of music on my Spotify. I listen to everything except like polka and that kind of thing. I can't do classic or anything with certain pitches due to my sensory issues and well, P. He pretty much ruined any chance of me being able to ever even tolerate it but it's no real loss. I'm fine with it. LOL! 
So, here is my Spotify list. What do you listen to? What makes YOU bounce? What makes you all aggressive? What makes you cry? What songs are the Polaroids of your life? No one comments and damn it I want to KNOW! I REALLY DO! <3 No judgement. Promise. 

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