Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I can only smile because this truth runs to the deepest depths of my being, and explains much of my 'high horse' ranting. I just want to be acknowledged in the end.... I'm not looking for answers. Nope, I'm more male here. I like to solve things. I step away from the cheery antidotes often used by people that really lessen what a person is going through. What people really need is acknowledgment, not having their pain talked down to. 


"THE KNOW IT ALL. We all know one. We've at times been one. The feeling that brings about this action is WANTING to be ACKNOWLEDGED. So imagine next time you go into a debate with anyone its about WHEN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT takes place is the END of the battle. It's ALL about being ACKNOWLEDGED. Can you see it? If you don't believe me. Put it into practice. Acknowledge the person. See the shift. Acknowledge yourself and see the motivation of communication change." #neryguide #sunday #planetweather #mooninsagittarius #knowitall

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