Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hate is a Four Letter Word.

So much hate. I have SO MUCH HATE in me right now. It is so not me to feel this kind of emotion yet it is exactly what I feel right now. Pure, ugly, unadulterated hate. What the hell does a person do with this? Where do I put it? Obviously I am losing at finding ways to shift it or box it away and none of the people that it belongs with are accessible. They have all moved on their merry way to new people to inflict pain on. Assholes. Pricks. Cowards. Right now they should be lined up in front of me like a friggin firing squad so I can point and aim this crap directly at their weak asses. I hope you all sleep like shit at night and I hope I haunt you when you do sleep. I think you need a conscience for that, but you never know. You know exactly who you are... sleep tight.

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