Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Replaced So Fast, Yet I Am Not At All Surprised.

Look at YOU. Already have a replacement and you don't even have to remember the name just that extra L when you're interacting online. Fast worker. Now you can get laid I suppose. WTG. She's far more your 'type' so we will see how that works out for ya.... seeing as your type has worked out so well in the past and all... Way to work the program asshole. Baise toi. And it seems I didn't destroy every trace of my drawing, which you despise but others seem to think I was an asshole for letting you make me think my work sucked because they thought it actually captured your very essence... go figure. Anyway, since I let you break my confidence in something I love I've decided to recapture it and post this here. If it sucks it sucks but maybe it doesn't. I've been told I have an ability to draw from the inside out... maybe that's why you hate this so much? Or maybe you're just a dick and have no issue with breaking a person down? I don't know, but it takes a lot more talent to actually draw than to 'throw some paint on a canvas,' and call it art. So bite me. It isn't perfect but isn't shit either.

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