Thursday, October 17, 2013

Finally. And a Message to the Most Recent 'Ex' D.

I finally found something to be thankful for where P is concerned... we have known one another for 15 1/2 years, and he has never, ever, called me crazy or told me I was 'such a chick' or a crazy bitch or any of those derogatory labels men like to put on all women rather than the ones who have earned it. He has always said that I am quite the opposite of the 'typical' woman reaction and emotion wise. For that I thank him deeply. Someone I have only known a short while has spent countless minutes trying to label me as one of these 'crazy bitches.'. It has been incredibly degrading to me as this person does not know me at all if he believes his own words. Now, in retrospect I can see how this is being used as a tool to push me away (and it has worked superbly, I might add) and to justify his lack of communication and problem solving skills.

It ain't me bitch... it's YOU that is typical, you are the sheep, you are the gotdamn weak person here. So piss the fuck off if I offend you with my desire to be a person (not a woman but a PERSON) with an actual voice and a fucking backbone to boot. Piss off if you think you can take my care and use it as a tool to punish me or to ignore your horrific and obvious desire to make me feel less than. I've been there and I have felt that, and I AIN'T GOING BACK. So, get your shit together Man, and call me when you think you can kindly handle me as I am and with the respect I not only deserve but have willingly given you, even when you didn't earn it or deserve it. XOXO- your Ex. 

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