Thursday, October 10, 2013

Own your own power; don't give it away. WORD.

Own your own power; don't give it away. The task is to begin making conscious decisions rather than reacting from the gut level. If you refuse to face your own issues and claim what is rightfully yours, present circumstances and those you must deal with can have power over you. What you do not claim as your own can be claimed by lovers, friends and even enemies. You can choose to avoid the issues innate to your psyche, but then you also avoid the wonder of the power you possess and your ability to provide insight to others. The process of gaining control over yourself leads to power in all other areas of life. This is the year to make a stand, and you are likely to confront others. Once you have healed yourself and owned your own power, you have the ability to give insight to others and influence their behavior also. The psychological power associated with Pluto can be used to heal more than one person. It can be used for your own healing or that of others. In the ideal situation, both healing processes occur simultaneously, with each individual involved contributing pieces of information leading to wholeness.

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