Monday, October 28, 2013

Maturity Has Nothing to Do with Age

"Maturity comes when you stop making excuses and start making changes."

Simple concept, yet it is rare to find in people today. Plenty of people claim it though, but few actually embrace the true meaning. YOU make the choices, therefore YOU carry at least part of the blame for the things that are not working. To fix anything the first step is to stop finger pointing for every damn thing that has gone wrong. Yes, sometimes someone else is the instigator, but come on... everytime? No.

Second step, figure out why you made the choice(s) and what to avoid when life inevitably brings you back to the same intersection. 

Third step is trying again but making a DIFFERENT choice. Making the same one is just wasting your precious life away expecting a different outcome. 

Fourth step is awareness. Really paying attention this time. Really seeing everything without the blinders, preconceived ideas or expectations, and taking the time to analyze everything you take in. Peel away the layers to find the true. Put the shoes on of the other people involved and make a true attempt to see and feel from their perspective and life circumstances. 

Fifth step, BE OPEN. Be open to change, be open to seeing and feeling in a new way. Be open to new perspectives, and new possibilities. 

Sixth step, do not let fear of being wrong or failure stop you from doing any of the other steps. Don't let others ideas, expectations or opinions stop you from opening up you mind, heart and soul to bigger and better possibilities. 

Don't be a sheep. 

Don't fear being alone for a bit. Embrace it. It is a good thing to be alone with yourself for bits of time throughout your life. Discover you without all the 'thems' interfering. 
If you have always been a selfish, live for yourself person, then do the opposite this time. Try living with others in mind. Try making all your choices with a consciousness and awareness of how they will affect others in your life... then make the best choice for all involved, rather than just what you want or think you need. There will never be a balance of wisdom in a person who has never experienced the other half of the life spectrum. You can not live for just you or just them and have a full range of life experiences to base choices on. 
Really living has nothing to do with how much you have traveled, how much money you have or have not made, how many people you have slept with, how much education you have acquired, how clean your house is or is not, how fat or skinny, strong or weak you might be, your sexual orientation, political ideas, religious ideas, or social status... it is about how many people you have touched and how much wisdom you have accumulated... and how you use this knowledge and wisdom in your day to day, minute to minute life. 
So, tell me are you merely existing or are you really living?
How's that working out for you?

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