Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Being An Empath is Dangerous. FML

"Chronically traumatised people often exhibit hypervigilant, anxious and agitated behaviour, symptoms such as tension headaches, gastrointestinal disturbances, abdominal pain, back pain, tremors and nausea." 
They don't mention the suicidal thoughts or self abuse caused by all the other symptoms. Or how alone we feel when we realize how we can never ever trust again... EVER. That's where I am. All the symptoms, the reaction to the symptoms and no trust at all. Fucking sick twisted wastes of human flesh. Just making sure that whichever way I end up, surviving or dead, I've left you assholes some words, and I've left my kids something to refer to when they question why and who to blame. It's all here Babies, they are all in this blog among the rants and music and poetry you will find them.

">>  the idealisation stage, where the sociopath shows herself in the best possible light – but this phase is an illusion, to draw her target in the devaluation stage begins gradually so the target is not alert to the sociopath’s transformation to being cold and unfeeling, but will begin to feel devalued at every turn; the more distressed the target becomes, the more the sociopath enjoys her power, and her abuse can become more extreme

the discarding stage – the target is reduced to an object to which the sociopath is indifferent, seeing the game as won; the sociopath rejects any connection, moving on to the next target.
Gaslighting does not happen all at once so, if you suspect in the early stages of a relationship that you are being gaslighted, you can protect yourself by walking away.
To learn more, including how to recover from exposure to a prolonged sociopathic transaction, buy The Empathy Trap: Understanding antisocial personalities by Dr Jane and Tim McGregor (Sheldon Press, ISBN 978-1847092762)."

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