Thursday, December 26, 2013

I'm Done Giving a Shit About Old Fucked Up Men With No Heart or Souls.

You hear that? I didn't think so. Too fucking self absorbed, making bullshit excuses so you can not give anything back to the people dishing out concern, help, love, kindness, or whatever else you get from the entourage that you keep around you. Most people suck. I know this, but I have never been able to truly believe it enough to not give everyone a chance... or three... or enough chances to hurt me or even destroy me. New year, new choices. FUCK YOU. That is my new choice to anyone who doesn't treat me right from the get go. I don't give a fuck if you are wounded or broken or addicted or a victim. If you don't have it now I have to assume you never will no matter your circumstances. I don't owe a damn thing to anyone but my kids and enough people to count on one hand. So I will say it one last time ...
FUCK YOU AND FUCK OFF AND HAPPY NEW YEAR FOOL. Oh, and stop bitching about how all you want is to love and be loved. BULLSHIT. Now, shut the fuck up. 

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