Saturday, December 28, 2013

When Did Money Replace Love?

At this point I am waiting to be blamed for global warming and obesity in the US. I seem to be at fault for everything else. This woman is INSANE. The electricity is fixed the teeth are back but now I am at fault for her $500 speeding ticket, the $140 addition to her electric bill of which we were here for 5 days of and no electric for 3 of them, AND the taxes on her house, which according to her she will lose because of us being here (for two weeks so far). Is this insanity unique to me or is anyone else living in a nightmare? I mean for real? When I say I am selling my car and will give her money she yells at me for it. Says how will I get around? Um, how will I get around with a car that doesn't run anyway? And how the fuck do I get the bitch off my ass if I don't have cold hard cash to appease the beast? I mean WTF? Yep, it is ALL about the green. LOL. No love here.

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