Monday, January 5, 2015

An Open Letter to, “The Survivors.”

An Open Letter to, “The Survivors.”

Don’t be a dick.
Don’t become a hypocrite.
Don’t forget how lost and desperate and dark you once were.
Don’t spread bullshit to the ones who continue to search for their tunnel end.
Don’t be THAT person.
Don’t suddenly decide that you will be a walking, talking, typing, billboard for Pinterest type meme/ posts on survival and a positive attitude. If you were still at all aware of what you had come out of you would not be devaluing other peoples pleas for guidance, advice or options to investigate. You would not have forgotten how painful it was to have people judge your pain, or trivialize your struggle into a few words that essentially equate to, ‘buck it up’ and ‘think positive’ and it will all be peachy in the morning.
You should not be patronizing.
You should be honest in the reality of your survival. You should not deny that you would not be where you are had it not been for someone or many people who took notice or extended a hand.
You should be capable of remembering when it felt like there was no one or, in fact, when there really was no one, and how lonely and bleak it all felt.
You shall not forget that where you are right now is an accumulation of help from others, hard work and dumb luck (or good timing). It could have just as easily been someone else reaping the rewards you are now receiving and you could still be wishing for an end to it all while planning the details of your eminent death.
You have been blessed.
Do not be a prick and piss all over that miracle.
Respect that just because your misery has ended or lessened or that you have FINALLY turned a corner, most others are still crawling on the ground on bloodied knee hoping, praying, pleading for what you now have.
Some people would say that when you were at your darkest point you were also in a place they would have called a blessing compared to their current journey. Remember that.
Someone somewhere is always in a more dreadful situation. This is not a reason or right to devalue another’s struggle though. This is perspective. This is a reason to be particularly thankful for the positive changes you have experienced.
Appreciate your new circumstances, because sometimes just the change or newness is a miracle in itself.
Not everyone will have friends, family, mates, a social network, or a supportive community surrounding them, helping them through the darkness.
Moreover, hope that the universe does not decide that you must be humbled and kicks you back to the place you escaped. Lead by example and do not piss on your good fortune.
Oh yes, and finally yet importantly, your survival does not make you superior in any way whatsoever. You are not suddenly smarter or worthy of looking down on anyone.
Be humble.
Be kind.
Be aware.
Be thoughtful in your words and actions.

And try not to be an asshole.

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