Saturday, January 17, 2015

Another Fundme for Another Stupid Ass Reason Goes Viral. WTF is Going On Here?

You know, I used to love these feel good underdog stories but IMO this whole Fundme thing has really gone way the fuck off course and it is showing just how fucked up our society really is now.
I'm gonna say it again, potato salad. 
Potato salad, the pizza guy/dealership tip, people who didn't read the fine print on their ap (Uber?)before calling for a ride home after drinking all night and getting billed for $300. 
Where the hell is the compassion for the people who actually NEED HELP? There is none, unless you have pictures of some scary disease or small children. Then you have a small chance. 
>>>>>>What it really amounts to for the actual people in need is the size of their online network and the love and willingness to share of their friends. <<<<< I learned this the hard way. I watched a friend make what amounts to roughly $7000 in the past two months because he has a) a disease he can document b) a huge network, like in the thousands c) a community backed disease d) friends who give a fuck and donate plus share therefore creating an even bigger network. My page is a year old with one single donation and that is from this friend who's raking it in now. On paper he looks and sounds worse off, but in reality he has a family that loves him and will take him in at any moment, but he doesn't want to go home. I would kill for that kind of love and support. He has an entire global community and local community worth of support to back him daily and he has major networks. He is nowhere as bad off as he would make it out to be. He was in a bad way for sure, but not like presented. He had choices. He didn't like them. He did not actually go through all his choices first and then declare total destitution. Some of us have though, and no one seems to blink an eye unless they are out to play some sick game of 'how much can I control you based on how badly you want help.' It's truly sick and fucked up. I finally let go of the people on my page playing this painful game with me. My desperation has hit a bit of a somewhat numb stage. I can keep these sick people around hoping they might actually grow a heart and help or I might get THAT desperate, or I could finally delete them and breath again when I log in to my Facebook page because now I don't have to see their names anymore on that stupid chat list that won't go away, even when chat has been turned off. It had started to become a trigger for the dark-side for me. Those damn names and their damn words trying to manipulate me while actually offering nothing at all. Just the possibility of 'something' 'IF' I could or would do some impossible or illogical task or deed. Not even a small help to show some version of commitment to sticking to their words. Even the fucking mob would show some kind of commitment by a deed, act or handout/loan. For fucks sake. Watch a got damn movie like The Godfather or something. Learn some loyalty and commitment. Grow some fucking balls and a backbone. Dig some integrity and selflessness up. Yes, I really do see these things in the mob mentality and not the new mob mentality but old school. 
Oh, and I love my friend whose page has changed his life. I just don't understand the way peoples minds work anymore. And yes, I am rather jealous as well. I can admit that. I don't have the family or community or social network that he does. I never ever have either. It's rather amazing that even out of school our social standing affects whether we live or die. It's the 'New World' mentality. It sucks. 
Okay. I went like totally off the rails here... back to the original thought... But you know, these days if you have just had a basic life experience or a small life lesson the entire fucking world wants to throw fast easy cash in your face. And people wonder why these generations lack logic, wisdom and a backbone. Maybe it is because we treat life and its basic lessons as reasons for entitlement and or reward. I make a dumb choice and I get love and support, oh! and cash as well. Well isn't that just fucking special. If I was going to be in the shit spot I find myself in at least the universe could have made me a part of one of these other generations. An ounce of compassion would be a nice think these days. 

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