Sunday, January 5, 2014

Riverside County 211 DPSS Flyer. Totally Worthless.

On my circular search for some form of preventive help from starving to death and being homeless I came across the Riverside County 211 DPSS Flyer. Totally worthless waste of internet space. The web address on the flyer takes you here:  

Now after hours of searching pages and roughly 23 tabs open arriving at this page really pissed me off. Being me, I decided to leave a comment since this is all the page seemed to have any functionality to do.

Here is my 'comment':

Well, now that we know you are capable of putting together enough code to create a basic webpage, maybe you can add something to it that actually HELPS those of us in need and searching for options? Seriously. Why is this listed on the  if it is nothing more than a starter project page with zero information? Where is this illusive 'extensive database' of resources?
Why is it so damn hard to find resources to KEEP from becoming homeless? Why is there little to nothing for those of us that are middle aged or childless. Where are the resources for those of us who did our duties and brought our children up and now we are faced with no employment options because we stayed home and did the right thing? Why do I lose my only form of aid because I am going to school rather than sitting on my butt watching tv and collecting aid? Why should I be forced to attempt to go to school full-time AND be required to work at least 20 hours a week to get food stamps? Why is it that if I quit school and stayed on my butt doing NOTHING to possibly better my future I am totally qualified for aid? Why is that if I was physically capable of having more kids I could have full coverage of food, cash, medical and school aid but since I can't pop anymore kids out I am not worthy of anything including food?
What the hell is wrong with this nation? When did we stop supporting growth and start supporting excessive childbearing for the exchange of proper living conditions, health care and aid? Why are we creating huge numbers of illegitimate children with missing parents who are not helping to support them AND saying that this the only way a person is equatable as worthy of aid? And when the hell did the addicted become MORE worthy of help than those of us who stayed away from the crutches? Why is there not prevention services but masses of aid for people already broken? Where is the logic in not creating a system made to PREVENT the addictions, the homelessness, the excessive childbearing, the mental illness and the hunger????? Most of these issues are problems because there WAS NO HELP BEFORE when the needy were still functional. It sickens me that I must become an addict or be committed, or live on the street for X amount of time to get help. It's sick and sadistic that THIS is our system.
So yay to you, whoever you are, that created this pointless page. I suppose it does have a function. I got to spew my anger on it on my quest to not starve and be homeless in the very near future.
A lot of good it's going to do me though....

After submitting it became obvious that whoever is doing the coding for 211 Riverside County's page is not only lacking in creativity but actual talent/knowledge. 

So I left another comment:

Ha! Your code sucks. You didn't even create submission availability on the page! See? This is why school is good. This is why it is crap that I am not worthy of aid because I want to better my future. YOU have a job and I don't but I know how to code a proper page and obviously you don't... congrats on falling through the right crack to get a paycheck. 

The point is that it is possible these comments will be seen by someone, somewhere if they are recorded anywhere within the webpage. 

The real kicker though was when I went to and THAT page was all screwed up as well. WHO HIRES THESE PEOPLE? If you click on any of the social network icons it just opens the same page in a new tab. The information is poorly laid out and the only way to get decent access to all the information is to click the teeny tiny 'sitemap' link at the very bottom of the page. This brings up a nice long list of all the information supposedly available on the site. Sadly, most of the links route to empty pages. 

It is infuriating to be near starving and homeless and a) not be able to find adequate resources for yourself and b) see how many lacking people are out there bringing in a decent paycheck for pathetic work... 


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