Friday, January 31, 2014

Productivity OR Fighting the Curse 'Till I Can't Fight No Moe'

Yesterday I was productive. It felt good, but not fulfilling. Fulfilling comes from completion, and nothing seems to ever be completed anymore. There is a constant floating in the void waiting for the next hit and trying to predetermine where and how it is going to affect me and my sons life. It seems to be on a fuck and fucked and fucked even harder roll these days.
He was denied his unemployment, but not for any of the obvious reasons. That there is where the curse shows its mark. Every bad thing we have experienced in the past 3 months has had a VERY CLEAR mark of irony to it. A 'how is this possible?' streak is clearly running through our every move. I almost fear writing it out. That is why most of my posts of late have been these got damn picture quotes. I am expressing without actually marking anything myself. I feel tainted and that I have tainted my son as well.

There has been so much resistance coming from the powers that be or the universe or the Gods or if there is anything controlling the chaos that is this life. So much Murphy's Law that I am beginning to see a face to the damn title. Fuuuuck.

So, what has this last week entailed? Short but sweet.

My sons EDD showed as released for his 6 week backup of checks, so all week we waited for them to show up on his EDD card, to no avail. Wednesday in the mail he received three blank receipts for the 6 weeks all with a $0 for each week and yesterday he received his denial letter. Is anyone else seeing how FUCKED UP the order of that process is? They make these poor, and mean starving poor people believe that they are FINALLY getting their EDD funds only to wait for a week and get letters with zero's on them AND THEN after that they get the denial letter. In turn that has to be appealed, which is another 30 days or so. In our case, the reason for denial is so anger inducing, so got damn illogical and such total bullshit and false information from the person who interviewed my son, as I was sitting right next to him while he spoke to her. I could hear her and him. She LIED. Flatout claimed that my son said 'that he refused to make himself available for work.' THIS is what he argued with her about. She kept trying to coerce him into saying that he wouldn't or couldn't work, and he kept telling her, "No! That is NOT what I just said at all!" Is this the new method now. To just throw away those in need who have paid for the service of this money by working in the past? To lie. Seriously, to just flat out alter facts? Anyway, the appeal is in the damn mail.

We had three vehicles up here. Mine, that died the day we got here. My mom's car and my mom's truck that gets 8 miles per gallon and is what we drive when we can scrape together the money for the gas and such. Basically, we drive to the post office and Circle-K and that completes our life for now. Anyway, the truck is raised... like HIGH raised, which is why the gas mileage is so bad but I digress... anyway, it has a flat. A flat on a raised truck is a truly sad sight to see. It is expensive to fix as well. To the tune of about $300 a tire on a really good day. And to add to the drama, my mothers cars 'check engine light' has decided to come on as well. So 3 vehicles and nothing to drive. AWESOME. OK my moms car can be driven but only in emergencies or if necessary. It is small and a stick and as much as I am a stick chick, my damaged left foot and calf and my spine cannot take the strain of her vehicle. Holding the clutch in with a foot that has lost a muscle and only has partial feeling AND spasms all the time everyday isn't really super safe. LOL.

Oh! And my Financial Aid SAP Appeal was finally accepted, two days too late to a) disburse on time and b) before I was forced to dump half my units due to lack of materials like books and online 'keys' and an evil fucking inhumane instructor. So I won't get anything until mid February and it will be roughly 1/4 of what it should have been as well. Basically, I got FUCKED by the school systems lack of proper procedure. When you add that I lost my food stamps BECAUSE of school as well it is just fucking comical. This is my proof of being cursed or marked or something much bigger fucking with me. You can not write this shit. You can not make this shit up and you can not ignore the sheer magnitude or the improbability of ALL THIS SHIT happening to the the same people/person NONSTOP. Statistically, this is just not probable...

There is more but my brain is momentarily halting.
I guess I will continue in a bit when it starts to move again... fuckinghell.

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