Thursday, August 27, 2015


I love the theory but I've tried it and you know what? Nothing. Nothing happens when you stop participating. Now for me that was detrimental at one point and it still is off and on, because spinning ones wheels 24/7 and taking verbal abuse on top of it gets REAL OLD YA'ALL, and then the dark shit takes over. So, do this momentarily when you come to realize that you are powerless for the moment. Use that time to rest or zone out guilt free OR you can use that time to ask yourself why the hell this drawing has a wanger so delicately drawn on???? 
I watch KDramas myself. I find the completely opposite culture refreshing, plus the need to read subtitles helps split my brain activity enough to make the A.D.D. and the rest of the shit swirling around in my head dissipate for awhile. As an added bonus, they can be funnier than shit and then suddenly make your throat close up and tears start falling out like crazy and then there is the food. So much food. A piece of their culture I understand well, feeding the people you care about and holding onto ones integrity. Good stuff! But, one of the best things is how Korea figured out that 'the gratuitous shower scenes' should always be gorgeous Asian men, rather than the plastic women the US is obsessed with. So refreshing! 
Lee Min Ho breaking women's hearts everywhere.
Lee Dong-Wook (이동욱) #KDrama #LeeDongWook  Scent of a Woman -MY VERY FIRST KDRAMA CRUSH... <3 HIM SO MUCHMy first K-crush doing his share for humanity. Thank you, Lee Dong-Wook (이동욱) #KDrama #LeeDongWook Scent of a Woman

So when you're down and troubled and need a helping hand, and nothing, nothing is going riggghhhttt...... 
Find your secret feel good zone out thing and just do it. Guilt free. If your feeling guilty for doing it then you are doing wrong or you really are doing something shitty. In that case, try to find something that isn't hurting yourself or anyone else.
Oh, I guess I should add to any naysayers about the buff men and my own shallowness, yadda, yadda, yadda, that it isn't the hot bod that does it for me. That's a bonus I suppose, but my ex had a better body than these two photos and he spent the time he wasn't working, and as I now know, fucking other people and such, at the gym. I was a gym widow for almost a decade and half. That shit is pointless if you can't back it up with some really great internal qualities. If you are a dick on the inside then people will figure it out eventually no matter how pretty you make the outside. FACT. In real life I don't give pretty men a second glance anymore. Unless it seems to be just a fluke of nature. I'd look twice at that. Anyway, be a good person. Keep true to your words. Care about people, particularly when they really need it. LET PEOPLE CARE FOR YOU BACK. Don't take advantage of it when you get 'cause at some point they will come to their senses. And um, keep on fighting.

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