Saturday, June 7, 2014

Agendas Suck.

I'm am so tired of interacting with people who have a goal, which is to be with me, and in that they disregard all pertinent information that detours from that goal. For example, when I say that I can not tolerate being a passenger in a vehicle and then they repeatedly ask me to go on long drives to places with them. They do not offer to let me drive, they just keep attempting to make plans with me to go places. So, after repeating myself a few times I am then forced to make shit up. I hate having to do this.

If I am sick then why would someone keep trying to get me to do things with them? I AM SICK. How difficult is this to comprehend? If I say that my daughter is very busy with school and work then why offer to drive me to see her when you know SHE IS BUSY and I GET CAR SICK? I know that on some level this is a person attempting to be considerate, but at the same time, this is more of a person who has an agenda. I am sick to death of people and their agendas. Is there no one left with heart? Or is it all about the agenda today?

If you have a desire to help a person, then you help. You do not attach an agenda to it. That is blackmail. That is manipulation. Only if a person agrees to trade one for the other are they obligated to anything. If a person accepts work from another then all the person making the offer should expect is that the person doing the work put the required effort into that work expected. There should not be expectations beyond that. There is a very sick flaw in todays world that everyone is either a pimp or a prostitute. Why? Since when? I don't owe anyone my heart, body, time or mind just because they have offered to give me a bit of work. I should only owe my time agreed upon and a good work ethic while doing it.

If I was capable of pimping myself out then I would be doing pretty damn good right now, but I can't and I won't.

Rant over for now...

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