Monday, August 4, 2014

Sometimes I See Things in My Dreams. Sometimes They Come True. The Answer to Life Via My Dreams.

 The internal structure of existence.

Every new possibility we discover brings us closer to the end (as a whole universe). Every new tear in the fabric of life weakens our base, our humanity, our existence and our time. I saw a drawing of this as well. A visual to help me understand. I wish I could recreate it and post it as well but I don't have any of those cool tools on my laptop.

If we stopped digging, searching so hard; if we savored more we could slow it down. We could prolong existence by focusing more on enjoying and ‘living in it,’ being present rather than ‘possibilities.’ Once the last new possibility has been thought, it will all go black. It will all cease. Existence will end.
To ask who, what, why, is the road to insanity, as there can be no answer to existence, no end and no answer. It is all a circle. A connected, ‘it,’ a vicious cycle, that there is no end to, ever. That is, unless we hit ‘black,’ which is the last new possibility being thought.
Every new thought (new as in never before thought by anyone), every new answer brings another thought or new possibility and new problems to solve or reasons why something else will or will not work. It is a cycle that there can be no end to until there is nothing new to consider.
Everything we do alters the structure of the integrity of humankind, of the universe. This includes the pursuit of ‘progress’ and personal growth to the degree that we are never satisfied with what is right there waiting to be acknowledged, appreciated, loved and fully seen,  perfect in imperfection.
Our connection to everything makes life’s answer simple.
Internal not external.
Personal connections, not impersonal ones.
Focus on what lives and breathes, not what is dead and gone or never was.
Knowing what you can and cannot live with and letting go of the cannot’s without anger or animosity.
Accepting the cans without the expectation that they might not one day become cannots.

Oh, and I die in a car by being rear-ended. I am a passenger. Our vehicle is not moving on impact.
The rest is personal. J

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