Monday, August 4, 2014

Humbling or Degrading?

When your life has hit the point where you have to post on Facebook begging anyone who has the means to please loan you food money, you know you have hit rock bottom. Doing it a second time in 8 months is just degrading, and disappointing, but mostly degrading. Trying to work through the SNAP system feels about the same way as well. To have your aid stopped with no clear reason as to why is downright infuriating. I know it is not legal either, but they make it so damn difficult to understand the 'rules' of SNAP that even I, the warrior of the system and it's tactics, can't seem to pin down exactly what is needed to fight back. SNAP is now being run just like Social Security/Disability Insurance. They deny you without any clear reason so that fighting it is almost impossible. If they don't give clear reason then you are just wading through piles of shit trying to pinpoint the actual cause you are going to fight. This country is shit now and for those of you who haven't figured it out yet, give it time. Most of us wouldn't have believed it either a few years ago. Once you have your life altering event that drags you down to the bottom you will see how they make it impossible to climb back up.

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