Sunday, March 9, 2014


So has anyone else noticed their bank is now charging them for being poor on top of their regular bank fee's? #Altura Credit Union now charges a 'low balance' fee! So the poor are being charged MORE because they are poor. How the hell is this legal? I might add that this is not due to any overdrafts or bouncing of checks or any other kind of negative activity. This is purely based on being broke and being charged a fee for it!!

So now we can't get jobs because we have been unemployed and we are being charged fee's when we have too little money. We get sued for not being able to pay our bills due to a lack of jobs willing to hire us and we lose jobs because we are being sued for our inability to pay our past debt. 

Yes, this is the logic running our country now. A vicious cycle that can not be escaped. 

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