Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Message To A Friend Or What Once Was A Friend Or Maybe Never Really Made It To Friend

1. Do not talk AT people. Talk TO people. Talking at people is infuriating and not at all productive, particularly if you want something from them.

2. Do not tell people that 'you don't care' about them or things that are of importance to them, again, particularly when you want something from them, like their time or talents. This is a sure fire way of not getting what you want and also a pretty basic piece of logic. Learn it. It shows a very ugly and very selfish side of you as well, no matter how real it may be it is still very very ugly.

3. If you must do the same thing over and over again, at least have the smarts to involve new people in your old endeavour. Old people already know where this is heading and will rarely accept putting themselves in the path of that destruction again willingly. OK, at least the ones that learn from their mistakes.

4. People are not tools. Let me repeat this... PEOPLE ARE NOT TOOLS. You can not use them, toss them aside and then pick them up again to use. I am not your tool. If you can not appreciate a person for their worth but only for their ability to be used for your endeavors then you are not worthy of their time, devotion or energy. Do not piss and whine about their ability to see through your veil. It gets thinner with every interaction.

5. If you want to be successful at life stop running to what has damaged you and away from dealing with that damage. You will never get away from your truths and your scars will always be there but you can choose to mend those wounds or die running away from them. Your choice. I will not be a party to your running away. It goes against everything I am and everything I believe and have learned. I learned the hard, dirty, ugly way and you will have to as well. This does not mean the ugliness that you have created in your attempts to run. This is the messy shit that you have been through in the past that you did not have control over that has created the path that you now walk or run on repeatedly in an attempt to create distance. Deal with this first and then make a new path. Trying to make a new path without taking care of this old shit will only lead you right back to the original one. You will fail until you deal with the truly painful and ugly past because that is what life is about, growth and wisdom. Money and fame will not make any of it go away. History proves this.

6. Other peoples pain is never something you get to make trivial. You do not get to cry help me while spitting on others needs. You are in or you are out. Period. When you do this you are out and most people will figure this out and disconnect if you refuse to value them as much as you value you. You are not more important. You are not better. You are not above or below unless you choose to be. Good people leave because they have figured out that you do not value them the way they deserve to be valued. This is their strength and your weakness.

I wish you well.

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