Monday, March 24, 2014

Art Fashion Creation: Per Your Request: More 80s.

There is a photo here { Art Fashion Creation: Per Your Request: More 80s.: With all my might I'm determined to escape the 80s and flash-forward, but the 80s are there in many sketch/scrapbooks - the 90s and the ...}; the very last photo is of a girl in a beret. This is my teen muse, Christine Bolster. She was who I wanted to emulate and I did. I just love this photo of her like I am 16 again and I wanted to have it somewhere to represent a piece of me and my history, but this page it is from is NOT mine but I like whomever it is that owns it. We have a lot in common. Poor girl.

ME- 1985 April                                      Guess Girl- Christine Bolster (and Billy Idol)

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