Tuesday, February 11, 2014



“Anytime you stop and talk to somebody and you learn about them, you start to walk in their shoes a little bit and you see things through a different lens,” said Cooper.

This is why people DON'T connect. To do so means to risk seeing and feeling for these people and taking on responsibility, which no one wants these days; even in tiny doses. We have become a society of personal space obsessed people who wear masks, lying to ourselves and everyone around us. We sit back and watch lives fall apart, people die, suffer, act out, scream for help, and we call it entertainment. And if there aren't cameras following the poor souls around we call them degenerates and people sucking the system dry and taking YOUR taxpayer dollars (as if they or their families had never paid a dime to the same damn system before) and we call then criminals and losers, and hopeless, sick, shameful, and we ignore the mental illness often brought on from the stress of struggling or war or disease or any number of perfectly viable reasons except these people were missing what separates them from us. A safety net. Options. Healthcare. Family. Shelter. Food. Money. Security. Medication. Clothing. Hygiene. A vehicle. Dental care to stop the corrosion in their mouths pushing infection through their system and causing them pain. Many for decades. 

No. People already know that these other people have stories. That they have a voice worthy of being heard. They CHOOSE to not connect. Sometimes for ego and sometimes for shame and sometimes because they can't handle not being capable of helping. Of course, if every wealthy celebrity took a few homeless people or families under their wing and helped to set them up to get on their feet for the cost of a few handbags or another car for their collection, we might really see a dent start in the homeless population. I mean why is it that they can make money off the stories of these people but these people can't get a solid base to leave this way of life as well??????????

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