Friday, September 20, 2013

Something Nice To Share For Once

Best compliment I've had in ages. It's who it is from, because they have known me for 30 years, and once we loved one another. He is happily married but he took the time to tell me this and when you have a lifetime of failed relationships and the last 3 have been with men who have blamed me for their own shit it can feel pretty fucking pointless. Then a person who has always known who I am takes a minute to verify that, yes, I have in fact always been me. I haven't changed like so many others do with age. I'm talking internally, not physically, but that was nice to hear as well. People want to break me, and I don't understand why, except that maybe I make being real look too easy or too hard? That would mean that their excuses for not being better humans wouldn't mean much more than that they are too damn lazy to bother.

Hey Michele your fucking awesome and I'm gonna say this you are beautiful now. You went from hot and pretty to beautiful all in like 20 yrs. I think I last saw you in 1993 rite before I got busted. Too bad we didn't at a much later date you know what I mean. Anyway I could introduce you to some great guys up here. Funny, they stopped drinking or drink very little and S says there good. looking.

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