Tuesday, September 17, 2013

You Made Me Hang Up On You. I Haven't Done That Shit In Decades. No Joke. WTF.

It seems that some people believe that words have certain meanings even when used without the intent being assumed. Words like, 'Kid' and 'Son'. I do not use these words with any negative intent. In fact it is quite the opposite. I use them with affection, and I always have. So... in saying that, let me express to 'the world' which in reality equates to exactly ZERO (friends/readers/followers), unless you count me, that in the previous posts, particularly the ones in the past week, the words Son and Kid were never used to belittle or downgrade anyone's worth or sense of self. Normally I might go back and sensor my writing to appease, but fuck that shit. This is MY page and my flow and my words being spilled, and that is how they came and that is how they will stay, but as I said before, I never meant to create any negativity.

Now, with that said, here is what I have to say... words are powerful things. More powerful than brute force and the next closest thing to an actual emotion. You can hit me all day and I will heal and move on, but you can't attack me with words and expect the same. They never disappear. They stay in the dark corners of the mind showing themselves when the timing seems fit. Negative or positive, they are always there echoing with the intent at which they were spewed. I won't be belittled, particularly for an offense that was not intended to be one and for that which I have said that I would do my best to be conscious of in the future. To attack me with your words after I have agreed to that is unforgivable. Especially, from a person who truly understands the power of that which they are using as a weapon (words). There is no excuse there. You can not hide behind ignorance or lack of intelligence. When you have these gifts you also have to take responsibility for how you use them...

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  1. I guess I didn't expect to be accumulating scars before even the first kiss...


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