Saturday, December 12, 2015

Strong is the New Pretty. {36 Powerful Images Celebrating what it is to Be a Girl}

Strong is the New Pretty. {36 Powerful Images Celebrating what it is to Be a Girl}

This article caught my eye because, well Evil Knievel and drums were my toys of choice and also my very strong Baby Girl was a tomboy before she suddenly became feminine (mixed with her tomboy!) but then I clicked to read the whole thing and I saw this: Janne Robinson Via Janne Robinson on Apr 13, 2015- Which is odd since my birth name is Jean Robinson and my birthday is April 13...
... and if you read her description at the end you might see a lot of me as well (if I was half my age and hadn't started a family at 20): Janne Robinson is a poet, writer, bushwalker, idealist and animal activist currently residing in Vancouver Island. She cuts kindling with her teeth, eats Bukowski for breakfast and makes the habit of saying the word feminist as much as possible. She surfs naked, pees in the woods, and loves whiskeys that swing their hips when they walk and know what they are doing. >>>>Janne's life-work is to be transparent. She makes a living off hanging her dirty and clean laundry out for the world to see. Her mission is to give others permission to also walk and exist with the same transparency.
The Bukowski reference was the kicker for me... I call this kind of shit synchronicity. My life is filled to the brim with odd connections that are incredibly easy to find; little to no digging needed. Sometimes it is my only affirmation to stay here and breathe longer. The strikingly obvious bread crumbs on this path that make no sense to me and seem so cruel most of the time.But that fucking red line on the map I see when I look back is still there leading me to gawd knows where...

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