Thursday, September 18, 2014

Twilight Zone Anyone?

So, I know I sound bent and dramatic in my posts and this is because life turned to complete shit a little over two years ago and has continually gotten bleaker and more unbearable every day since. What I am here to write about though is not me but my best and oldest mate Michael. I have known him for 34 years. We took completely different paths but somehow find ourselves in exactly the same shoes; planning our deaths since it has become impossible to survive anymore. Let me make a clear point, no matter the mindset or belief system or how 'positive' one forces themselves to be, a lack of food will at some point kill a person. Worrying about such a basic need 24/7 is almost as bad as the prospect of starving to death and I know starvation from my past. So I wanted to point out that I am not some freak but a white middle age educated female who can not survive and my best friend is a white middle age educated male and he can't survive either. Now I suppose I should add for the naysayers that I have only seen my friend one time in the past 30 years and that was almost a decade ago. So no, we have not had anything at all to do with one anothers demise. I guess we both just lucky. Ha. I'd ask for prayers of all forms but I'm pretty sure there is nothing good left out there.

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