Saturday, June 6, 2015

Must Be Something In The Water 'Cause You Can't Write This Shit

Ah, poverty mixed with rural living. This is my upper mouth/teeth. Those are my two broken bridges on each side of my mouth and the lower right arrow is the awesome tooth now destroying any will I can find left to live. The pain is brutal and us without a dentist for 30 miles in any direction... I got antibiotics and 800mg Ibuprofen but it's taking 3 of them at a time to help and that is liver and kidney destroying since Ibuprofen has been my only source of pain management for the last 30 years including spinal surgery, foot surgery, 2 c-sections, getting my wisdom teeth pulled and various uteral surgeries. My point? My kidneys and liver have already taken a beating. I'm actually scared of the damage I might cause now. I knew I should have taken up alcoholism like my mom. I bet I'd have a perfectly trained steel version that I wouldn't have to be worrying about. It always works out like that. Or so it seems. 
So, I guess my last posts question about it getting better rather than worse has been answered... looks like worse wins again. At least I excel at something. Something that sucks ass but something. Yea me. Fuck. I write this stuff here but what I really want to do it destroy things with my bare hands because being passive is killing me. Being level is killing me. BEING is killing me. 

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