Monday, May 19, 2014

You're all becoming cannibals because you are too scared to fight back; to expose yourself as human.

Someone told me that my "life is too screwed up to even have online friends." OUCH. That hurt, and pissed me off. Particularly since I gave a few very clear outs near the beginning of our interactions. This is another theme I am seeing in my life path.

No matter how open, clear, fully disclosed I am with people, they never take the out during the safe zone. They wait. They wait until they know they have made some form of connection, and then they severe it or do something horrible, unforgivable to destroy it. Is control really that important today? Or should I say, 'false control?' Yes, they have actively affected my life, but a) in a pitiful, sad, pathetic way and b) I still have the power to make choices and decisions. They might be choices or decisions based on a few really crappy options, but they are still mine.

Anyway. This person disappointed me. Hell. Almost everyone disappoints me these days; myself included.

It really wasn't that long ago that the world was filled with people who made groups of friends that they could trust and lean on. They made a damn television show based on the concept, for gawds sake. I think it was one of the longest running sitcoms at some point as well. I could be wrong. What I am not wrong on though is the transformation in the world.

This new way of life isn't a positive. It is leading to mob mentality, savage and angry, overstressed groups of people just trying to make sense of it all. Extremists. Hungry, poor, exhausted people who might finally have access the healthcare they so badly needed, but still can't afford the gas or upkeep on a vehicle to get to it. Food we can't afford to buy or allow ourselves to think about the risk we are taking by eating it in the first place. A place where growing a garden or your own food is a crime as is being homeless, poor, sick, needy.

This my friends is the bigger picture of control. This is the parent leading by example. This is what everyone should be focusing their control issues on... our government, state and other political arenas. Instead we have become cannibals.

Eating each other alive.

Grasping for survival.

No mercy.

No humanity.

Everyone for themselves.


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