Sunday, December 28, 2014

What Possessions I Cherish Most Question. Basically, I just need this noted for future reference.

My kids but they are humans so 'possession' is a bit much. I guess the photos of my kids lives. 8mm videos holding the sounds of their young voices and untarnished dreams. The 'was' of life's possessions.  <<< I have to work something off of this. I can feel it pulling but it takes SO MUCH more these days without my A.D.D. meds to overcome all the obstacles to even begin really writing anything anymore. Someday I hope to not think about food for days at a time. Same with death, escape, loneliness, pain, boredom, suffocation, revenge. The last one is new for me in any real sense. Anyway, I need this noted. I still hold hope somewhere deep in my psyche I guess. 

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